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About Grandts. Media A few words..

Flash Sites & Other non responsive .I know that on the usability side it is not well taken to showcase sites and other stuff what is is not user friendly. However I’m also an Artist! so for me It’s not always about that people has to have usability if it means creativity are totally killed. So yes I use Flash and other stuff that not all have the chance to watch. So if you are one of the Flash haters well sorry to say you wont get the full creative side of my domain, your loss and my bad! 

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The Abouts.

A different form of expression it will (I hope) be a place of innovative design, but also a site that will largely deal with words and pictures of both arctistic origin as well as famous word clippings. You will also discover work related clippings in form of images from and around Esbjerg Harbour and the City of Esbjerg. I’ve always been very fond of art and culture and it has got a somewhat more prominent role here where I am in life now, whether it’s avant-garde or other forms of expression is personally worth more to me than money or prestige. I also love to cook my own artistic items such as in software programs like Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and you name it. The next big project will be to embark on photography admittedly as an amateur but never the less the plan is to get started on this.

It’s playing with the medium and the word that I like , any menning with the madness? just creating my own expression on the net from the artistic elements point of view that I thought makes sense for myself. Whether one so like it or not, I am quite arogant to say that I dont give a fuck ! if nobody besides my self like it. For me it is a process and it makes sense to me as a person and thus I have achieved what I wanted. Can other infer anything else from it, it will only  be a good thing.

The domain / page is also an ongoing project which must continually evolve. Therefore, there is ongoing new / old portfolio elements added as I get them identified and added to my portfolio.

Word clippings and art are the pages where there will be added new when I find something I nuisance to share with my visitors. Or actions that I make regularly when the time for this.


Everyone rises to their level of incompetence. Laurence J. Peter, “The Peter Principle”
American teacher and writer (1919 – 1988)

» I en organisation forfremmes enhver op til sit inkompetence niveau. «

John Grandt, My Favorite Quote


My Philosophy

Keep It Simple. Good web design does not have to be cumbersome and heavy. With the right theme is a pleasure to get beautiful design that works. And at the same time is responsive. With Themes like this one & Brooklyn, Igora or Divison Theme (s) you are already ahead on points. Why reinvent the wheel more than once. These categories are easy to work with for users which is a good philosophy. They both have an administrative interface that is significantly easier to go to than most other professional themes in the market.

My Mission

My mission is to make design that works and at the same time is aesthetically looking at for your users. A better user experience is achieved by the navigation beeign quite easy. And at the same time you as user can find the product or service that is being offered. This means that you as a company have to consider what and where you want to place your products. And not least how to manufacture them on your pages. It is my mission that you get the best out of your website without compromising the standard of your pages. Think always responsiveness into your pages overall.

Although i know Flash is not everybodys favorite due to the Flashplayer plugin and the lack of security in the past. But i think Adobe got hands on with that part, and i  do love fooling around with Flash (now Adobe Animate CC) They renamed it to that funny name because of the bad rep! Flash got over the years. i wont back down on using it because of I’ts artistic/creative part which are very hard to imitate with HTML5. So yes i still think Flash are a cool tool to use and i do have Flash sites on this domain like The Wall. made only for the user experince and no, not responsive..

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